What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have been a happy recipient of care and kindness from ComForCare. I have had help from a number of the caregivers. Everyone has been reliable and trustworthy. The management of the Company has always worked well with me."

-Carole K.

"Comforcare finds the highest quality companions there are. Each one has been intelligent, kind, caring, and reliable. Comforcare is a class act. I highly recommend them."

-Steve S.

"When my husband was diagnosed with frontal lobe brain damage and had to retire, I was lucky to hear of ComForCare through professional connections. This unique organization offered us the two part time services we needed: intellectual companionship coupled with practical help and assistance. The quality of people we met was remarkable. I never met anyone less that polite and helpful and many of the people we have worked with have been extraordinary: kind ,tactful, ready to do whatever is needed and focused on building a bond with their clients."

-Suzanne Zissu LCSW

"From the moment I contacted Kyle and ComForCare, I felt like I found something really rare and special. I was very limited in my resources for helping my mother with dementia, and Kyle and his team helped me navigate the system and my options, and always put our needs and best interests first. They have gone above and beyond with finding appropriate care for her, and being a steady support system for me, who is trying to tackle this alone. I can reach out to them at any time, and they are patient, understanding, and genuinely want to help. I can't recommend them highly enough."

-Claire M.

"My parents have always been active and extremely independent, but when they reached their mid-80s, they needed some extra help, and we, as their grown children, wanted the security of knowing they were in good hands. We could not be happier with the services provided by ComForCare. They listened to our needs and preferences and matched us with kind, reliable and trustworthy helpers and caregivers. Kyle and his team continue to be responsive as our parents' needs change. The whole family is very pleased."


"I hired ComForCare Home Care of New York for help with my mother who has dementia. I would rate the service as a 5 out of 5. I dealt with Mr. Budinscak and found him to be very helpful and responsive in every possible way. Whenever i left a message he got back to me very quickly and he always had an answer or perspective that was extremely helpful. He also gave me some references that turned out to be excellent. I would definitely reach out to ComForCare for help again if the need came up."

-Wyeth H.

"My association with ComForCare Home Care of New York began last November in order to give my husband every chance to extend the Early Dementia phase of his illness. His doctor had stressed the importance of intellectual and social stimulation as well as physical activity. Kyle, the director, made it his responsibility to know my husband well so that there was high quality continuity of care when we needed a substitute companion. ComForCare was also available at a very inconvenient time to help me through an extremely difficult event. Two different professionals saw my husband last week and both were pleased with how much better he looked."

-Norma D.

"For those of you who live in NYC, and are old, for those of you who find you now need help, you do not have to leave your home or your apartment and enter a senior home. There is wonderful organization called ComForCare who can address your needs while you stay in your own place. They can provide you with a Lifeline Button that you wear around your neck, and should you suddenly find you need help either indoors or out, all you have to do is press it. Also Comforcare can provide you with a delightful companion to keep you company. I highly recommend Comforcare."


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