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Celebrating Older Americans Month

It’s Older Americans Month! Every May, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) directs this national observance, celebrating the innumerable contributions that older adults have on our lives. And this year’s theme is more resonant than ever: Age My Way. In 2022, ACL will be focusing on aging in place – how older adults can plan to stay in their homes and live independently in their communities for as long as possible.”

We are proud to support and participate in this ongoing discussion about aging in place. Over the last seven years, we have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of seniors in New York City on their care journeys.

We understand that no two care stories are the same. Whether you’re looking for counsel about assembling a care team for yourself or a loved one; seeking inspiration for creative at-home activities; or looking for ways to stay active in your community, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

In celebration of Older Americans Month, we are proud to feature six unique Care Stories, each one offering a window into the daily lives of our clients and caregivers. Read these dynamic, personal stories that highlight how many of our clients commit to living their best life possible, while navigating the joys and challenges of aging at home.  

Judy and Ellie

“Go where your heart is telling you”

Meet Judy and Ellie

A shared philosophy on life, companionship, and care that’s rooted in following your heart and leaning into each other for support.

Read Their Care Story
Maria and Nick at Home

“If I smoke, you’re not gonna fall apart on me, are ya?”

Get to know Maria and Nick

Bonded together by wit, meaningful conversations, and art, their days teeter between banter and continuous laughter.

Read Their Care Story
Serena and Nixon on the Couch

“Serena really is living her best life.”

Serena and Nixon

It’s a warm space that encourages conversation, and Serena, the consummate party goer, is always ready for a spontaneous celebration… On how he builds their weekends together, Serena’s weekend companion Nixon says, “Be proactive. Be creative.”

Read Their Care Story
Danny and Tug at the Piano

“We had to make each other laugh…”

Making Music with Danny and Tug

Striking a balance between trusted friend and devoted caregiver is the bedrock of this connection. But Danny and Tug leave plenty of time for their shared love of music!

Read Their Care Story

Looking for “a person of very good cheer.”

Albert & Brenda, Emily & Crystal

In addition to their full-time healthcare aide, the Butzels were looking for ways to stay active mentally and physically and to get out of the house more, which is when companions and ComForCare were recommended.

Read Their Care Story
KC and Michael

“There’s No Place Like Home”

Take a walk with KC and Michael

KC and Michael are kindred spirits, both having dedicated their lives to academic work.

Read Their Care Story

We hope these stories empower you to begin making the right choices for your family’s unique care journey. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 212-256-1933 or complete our Contact Form to ask questions. Our advisors are passionate about finding solutions and making helpful suggestions regarding the development of a home care, dementia care, or other elder care plan, as well as providing ongoing support.

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